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New Book by L.K. Samuels

We Are Them: The Apocalypse Syndrome

Published in May of 2021

After an otherworldly explosion mysteriously jolts the skies near a small California city, its denizens are gripped by increasingly bizarre behavior, leaving some to ponder whether their strange and aggressive actions result from alien influences or are inherent to human nature.

It starts with a rush to judgment. Civic-minded citizens demand more control over what they see as society’s inefficient behavior—particularly, motorists who feel entitled to drive their vehicle anywhere at any hour for any reason. To combat such chaotic impulses to choose one’s own routes, City Hall establishes an elaborate new bureaucracy—the Driving Efficiency Department (DED). When mandatory driving directions are disregarded, higher penalties and jail sentences are handed down, with armed guards arresting or shooting violators.

One mild-mannered city official can no longer ignore the obvious: something is not right. He takes a different route. He and a collection of oddball friends organize a daring escape. They face barbed wired fences, machine guns, minefields, and army sharp shooters. When they finally reach the fenced-off border, they have to decide whether to risk death or languish in a world of endless uncertainty and terror.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9615893-3-2  ISBN-10:  0-9615893-3-7  (E-Book

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New Book by L.K. Samuels

Ferret: The Reluctant King

Published on Feb. 4, 2020, available at https://www.amazon.com/Ferret-Reluctant-L-K-Samuels-ebook/dp/B0845QSXT2

In L.K. Samuels’s thrilling historical debut, an orphan boy of royal blood captains a fleet of Irish and Dutch colonists, lands in the Americas of the 1700s, builds a new Irish nation, and defies threats from every direction.

Orphaned when his father and the last rag-tag remnants of the Irish Army are defeated and killed, Ferret O’Neil returns home to Cork. Although heir to the Irish throne of the Celtic High Kings, Ferret denounces his title, believing that kings are more hellish than divine.

  But despite his reluctance to get involved in political struggles, Ferret, barely out of his teens, destroys an English man-of-war. He is elected captain of a 500-ton merchantman, and flees with other colonists to the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, Ferret rises to second in command of a Dutch-Irish community that seeks to build a fleet of ships to escape the old world. After many years of hardship, the colony finally sets sail across the Atlantic to establish an independent Irish nation, free from European influences.

But the old world dogs the new. The British threaten to invade the thriving colony of New Eire from the north. Spanish military leaders to the south plot to undermine Ferret’s authority. Savages from the Yamasee tribe raid white settlements from the interior. Ferret’s traitorous cousin attempts a military coup to gain control of the colony.

 In order to cement an alliance with the Spanish in Florida, the Irish clergy demands that Ferret become king. Reluctantly Ferret accepts the crown and prepares his nation for war with the English, Yamasee, and insurgents. He imprisons dissidents, constructs a fortress, assembles an army, and becomes the tyrant he hated as a boy.

ISBN: 978-0-9615893-2-5       ISBN E-book: 0-9615893-2-9

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New Book by L.K. Samuels

Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle between the ‘Free Left’ and the ‘Statist Left’

See the New Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/flaYOA6AYnM

Almost Everything About the Political Spectrum Is Dead Wrong!

If the two polar opposites are Communism versus Fascism, what is in the middle? Is everyone not on the extreme ends half communist and half fascist? Nobody believes that, but the old yet current political spectrum prescribes that exact political scenario. So what happened? In an effort to rewrite history, the political dichotomy has been deliberately broken, falsified, sabotaged, and made meaningless, causing the public to lose their way through the contorted political maze.

With well over 1,500 footnotes from historians and political scientists, this book refurbishes the political spectrum and restores it to its original French Revolution roots and a common sense approach. Now anyone can navigate the political swampland with a faithful compass to triangulate one’s own political position, and peel back layers of distorted history. 

Some of the lesser-known historical facts revealed in this book include Mussolini’s two-decade advocacy of Marxism, where for over six years he was both a Marxist heretic and an Italian Fascist, combined into a Fascist–Marxist duopoly and ideology. In 1919 a red armband-wearing Hitler became an elected official in the communist-run Bavarian Soviet Republic. He later proclaimed himself a “Social Democrat.” Most of the major Nazi and Fascist leaders were Marxists, or hard-core socialists who opposed both the bourgeoisie and capitalist Jews.

Paperback and e-book of Killing History available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0961589310?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

ISBN0-10: 0961589310 e-book $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-0961589318 paperback $19.95

Shocking Revelations in L.K. Samuels new book, FACT Sheet 1

Hitler was briefly a red-armband-wearing communist in 1919, and later an avowed “Social Democrat.”

Mussolini was a hard-core Marxist for two decades, and for six of those years was both an avowed Marxist and a Fascist.

In 1919 Mussolini criticized Lenin for not being Marxist enough, writing that “he had not created a dictatorship of the proletariat or of the socialist party.”

Joseph Goebbels declared: “Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and the Hitler faith is very slight.”

Goebbels framed World War II in 1939 as a battle between capitalism and socialism, writing: “England is a capitalist democracy. Germany is a socialist people’s state,” and that “English capitalists want to destroy Hitlerism.”

Trotsky not only said that “Mussolini was his best pupil”, but that Mussolini “was the only man who could have brought about the revolution of the proletariat in Italy.”

In the 1919 Italian elections, Mussolini campaigned as the “Lenin of Italy” under the banner of his Fascist Revolutionary Party (PFR).

In 1934, Mussolini boasted that “Three-fourths of the Italian economy, industrial and agricultural, is in the hands of the state,” the highest rate of state-owned enterprises in the entire world outside of the Soviet Union.

Ever since the beginning of the socialist movement in the 1820s, almost every notable socialist was a virulent anti-Semite, condemning Jews as their primary capitalist-bourgeois enemy.

According to many historians, especially Prof. Zeev Sternhell, Fascism was a “specific revision of Marxism.” Prof. A. James Gregor argues that fascism was a “variant of classical Marxism.”

In his 1933 “Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism” Mussolini wrote that the future of his movement represented “a century of the Left, a century of Fascism.” https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/927b40_c1ee26114a4d480cb048f5f96a4cc68f.pdf

The two political polar opposites are not Fascism and Communism, but the liberal capitalism of John Locke against the totalitarianism of Fascist-Marxist ideology.

Both Hitler and Mussolini supported equality, “social justice”, and the labor movement. In a 1920 speech, Hitler declared that “lasting inner health” must be “built on internal social justice…”

Shocking Revelations in L.K. Samuels new book, FACT Sheet 2

Karl Marx believed in nationalistic socialism. He was a Pan-German who supported a unified German Empire. Considering Germans to be a superior race, Marx wrote in 1848: “The only possible solution which will preserve Germany’s honor and Germany’s interest is, we repeat, a war with Russia.”

The Second International, an organization of European socialist and labor parties, dissolved in 1916, abandoned international socialism in favor of their countries’ nationalistic engagement in World War I. Nationalism was seen as a way to maintain a particular culture and language within a socialist framework.

Mussolini was caught up in a rush to support nationalistic socialism. He wrote: “During my whole life I was an internationalist socialist. When the Great War broke out I saw that all our parties that were internationalists became nationalist socialists, that happened to me and that is fascism.”

Trotsky equated Stalinism with fascism, declaring in 1936 that “Stalinism and fascism, in spite of a deep difference in social foundations, are symmetrical phenomena. In many of their features they show a deadly similarity.”

Since the beginning of socialism in 1820, socialists have been the dominant force behind anti-Semitism. Socialists regard the Jewish people and their culture as the arch-enemies of the proletariat—which includes the bourgeoisie, middle class, capitalists, financiers, and bankers who engage in unearned income—usury. Marx condemned the Jewish religion as “Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money… Money is the jealous God of Israel, in face of which no other God may exist.”

Stalin became a Russian nationalist under his theory of “Socialism in One Country,” an approach that Hitler supported. This tribal-national movement away from internationalism led to National Communism and National Bolshevisms.

National Socialist movement was very popular among German college students. In fact, university students were the first stratum in Germany to back the Nazis. National Socialist German Students’ League had “completely taken over student representation in Germany.” Opposing teachers were targeted, named, and endured public “shaming” by Nazi student organizations.

Like father and son, Marx and Hitler were two social justice warriors, determined to weaponize intolerance, racism, and nationalism for what they called the greater good. In a metaphorical sense, Hitler could easily be regarded as the son of Marx.

Over 50 memes were created for Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum. A few of them below.


In Defense of Chaos: The Chaology of Politics, Economics and Human Action

Book by L.K. Samuels

Chaos gets a bad rap. Few people realize that without the dynamics of chaos, order would not exist. In fact, nothing would exist. Without chaos there would be no creation, no structure and no existence. After all, order is merely the repetition of patterns; chaos is the process that establishes those patterns. Without this creative self-organizing force, the universe would be devoid of biological life, the birth of stars and galaxies, and the singularity of matter and energy — everything we have come to know.

In Defense of Chaos examines why chaology provides a slew of scientific evidence that open-ended, adaptable and evolving systems work far better than closed-ended, inflexible ones. Not only do dynamic systems work better, but they foster self-determination, social harmony and a choice-driven society. The nature of the physical world favors the freedom for people to self-organize and self-govern without the interference of external command and control structures.

With the help of Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle, chaos theory proves that the universe is not based on the old Newtonian physics of order and precision, but rather on probability and uncertainty. Events often arise by chance, with no more reliability than a pinball machine. The future leaves no footprints. The likelihood that the sun will come up each morning is just that – a high probability, not a certainty.

This is an important point to consider, because the denizens of the political deep end put their faith behind linear, deterministic structures that don’t allow for spontaneous order, decentralization or free choice by individual agents. Political linearists and control freaks not only fail to think outside the box; they would have us ban the box. Most political systems are inherently top-down vertical systems, predatory by nature, and are geared to suffocate any creativity within their sphere of influence.

In Defense of Chaos takes the reader far down the rabbit hole where few are willing to explore, pitting the “unstructured order” of chaos against the “structured order” of linear-based politics. The book not only exposes a new way of thinking, but shows why chaos theory and complexity science will revolutionize the social, political and economic structures of the world.

Available at Amazon.com — https://www.amazon.com/Defense-Chaos-Chaology-Politics-Economics/dp/1935942069

  • ISBN-10: 1935942069 e-book $9.99
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935942054 paperback $19.95

________________________________________Future Events To Hear L.K. Samuels:

Speech by Lawrence Samuels on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019

Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association — “MEASURE Q — How We Defeated a County-Wide Sales Tax with Almost NO Money”

Location: Mimi’s Cafe, 1200 El Paseo de Saratoga, San Jose, CA

6:15 PM Registration, dinner and mingling, 7:00 PM Program

L.K. Samuels’ new book will be available — KILLING HISTORY: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum

More information: Elizabeth Brierly — ElizabethB@Brierly.org

Announcement: My second book will be coming out in late 2018 or early 2019. It is titled “Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle Between the ‘Free Left’ and ‘Statist Left,’” and has over 1,500 footnotes. It will show how screwed-up the political dichotomy has become and why. It will reveal a profusion of hidden political secrets, such as Hitler’s ties to the Communist Party of Germany and to Social Democracy. As for Mussolini, he called himself the “Lenin of Italy” and supported the 1917 Bolshevik revolution while leading the Fascist Revolutionary Party. Of course, such Marxist influence on both German National Socialism and Italian Fascism make an absolute mockery of the traditional political spectrum. I also delve into the true polar opposites on the political spectrum: John Lockean liberalism versus authoritarianism, as was demonstrated during the first stage of the French Revolution.

July 15, 2017 (Sat.) — I will be speaking at the Sacramento Libertarian Supper Club at Blue Prynt Restaurant, 815 11th Street, Sacramento, from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The title of my speech: “The C0unterfeit Left-Right Dichotomy: Historical Sabotage and the Free Left vs. Statist Left Battle.” My speech will focus on my forthcoming book on the political spectrum, which I have not decided on the title yet. My working title is “Historical Sabotage of the Political Spectrum: The Battle Between the Free Left Versus the Statist Left.” (Cost $26 per person) RSVP to LPSupperClub@aol.com

Feb. 19-21, 2016 (Fri.-Sun.) — I will be speaking at the next “Anarchapulco” Conference (www.anarchapulco.com ) in Acapulco, Mexico on “The Significance of Chaos Theory and Complexity to Liberty.” Anarchapulco is billed as the largest international anarcho-capitalist in the world.

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