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New Book by L.K. Samuels–Killing History

Almost Everything About the Political Spectrum Is Dead Wrong!

If the two polar opposites are Communism versus Fascism, what is in the middle? Is everyone not on the extreme ends half communist and half fascist? Nobody believes that, but the old yet current political spectrum prescribes that exact political scenario. So what happened? In an effort to rewrite history, the political dichotomy has been deliberately broken, falsified, sabotaged, and made meaningless, causing the public to lose their way through the contorted political maze.

With well over 1,500 footnotes from historians and political scientists, this book refurbishes the political spectrum and restores it to its original French Revolution roots and a common sense approach. Now anyone can navigate the political swampland with a faithful compass to triangulate one’s own political position, and peel back layers of distorted history. 

Some of the lesser-known historical facts revealed in this book include Mussolini’s two-decade advocacy of Marxism, where for over six years he was both a Marxist heretic and an Italian Fascist, combined into a Fascist–Marxist duopoly and ideology. In 1919 a red armband-wearing Hitler became an elected official in the communist-run Bavarian Soviet Republic. He later proclaimed himself a “Social Democrat.” Most of the major Nazi and Fascist leaders were Marxists, or hard-core socialists who opposed both the bourgeoisie and capitalist Jews.

Paperback and e-book of Killing History available at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0961589310?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860

  • ISBN-10: 0961589310  e-book $9.99
  • ISBN-13: 978-0961589318  paperback $19.95

___________________________________________In Defense of Chaos: The Chaology of Politics, Economics and Human Action

Book by L.K. Samuels

Chaos gets a bad rap. Few people realize that without the dynamics of chaos, order would not exist. In fact, nothing would exist. Without chaos there would be no creation, no structure and no existence. After all, order is merely the repetition of patterns; chaos is the process that establishes those patterns. Without this creative self-organizing force, the universe would be devoid of biological life, the birth of stars and galaxies, and the singularity of matter and energy — everything we have come to know.

In Defense of Chaos examines why chaology provides a slew of scientific evidence that open-ended, adaptable and evolving systems work far better than closed-ended, inflexible ones. Not only do dynamic systems work better, but they foster self-determination, social harmony and a choice-driven society. The nature of the physical world favors the freedom for people to self-organize and self-govern without the interference of external command and control structures.

With the help of Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principle, chaos theory proves that the universe is not based on the old Newtonian physics of order and precision, but rather on probability and uncertainty. Events often arise by chance, with no more reliability than a pinball machine. The future leaves no footprints. The likelihood that the sun will come up each morning is just that – a high probability, not a certainty.

This is an important point to consider, because the denizens of the political deep end put their faith behind linear, deterministic structures that don’t allow for spontaneous order, decentralization or free choice by individual agents. Political linearists and control freaks not only fail to think outside the box; they would have us ban the box. Most political systems are inherently top-down vertical systems, predatory by nature, and are geared to suffocate any creativity within their sphere of influence.

In Defense of Chaos takes the reader far down the rabbit hole where few are willing to explore, pitting the “unstructured order” of chaos against the “structured order” of linear-based politics. The book not only exposes a new way of thinking, but shows why chaos theory and complexity science will revolutionize the social, political and economic structures of the world.

Available at Amazon.com — https://www.amazon.com/Defense-Chaos-Chaology-Politics-Economics/dp/1935942069

  • ISBN-10: 1935942069 e-book $9.99
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935942054 paperback $19.95

________________________________________Future Events To Hear L.K. Samuels:

Announcement: My second book will be coming out in late 2018 or early 2019. It is titled “Killing History: The False Left-Right Political Spectrum and the Battle Between the ‘Free Left’ and ‘Statist Left,’” and has over 1,500 footnotes. It will show how screwed-up the political dichotomy has become and why. It will reveal a profusion of hidden political secrets, such as Hitler’s ties to the Communist Party of Germany and to Social Democracy. As for Mussolini, he called himself the “Lenin of Italy” and supported the 1917 Bolshevik revolution while leading the Fascist Revolutionary Party. Of course, such Marxist influence on both German National Socialism and Italian Fascism make an absolute mockery of the traditional political spectrum. I also delve into the true polar opposites on the political spectrum: John Lockean liberalism versus authoritarianism, as was demonstrated during the first stage of the French Revolution.

July 15, 2017 (Sat.) — I will be speaking at the Sacramento Libertarian Supper Club at Blue Prynt Restaurant, 815 11th Street, Sacramento, from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. The title of my speech: “The C0unterfeit Left-Right Dichotomy: Historical Sabotage and the Free Left vs. Statist Left Battle.” My speech will focus on my forthcoming book on the political spectrum, which I have not decided on the title yet. My working title is “Historical Sabotage of the Political Spectrum: The Battle Between the Free Left Versus the Statist Left.” (Cost $26 per person) RSVP to LPSupperClub@aol.com

Feb. 19-21, 2016 (Fri.-Sun.) — I will be speaking at the next “Anarchapulco” Conference (www.anarchapulco.com ) in Acapulco, Mexico on “The Significance of Chaos Theory and Complexity to Liberty.” Anarchapulco is billed as the largest international anarcho-capitalist in the world.

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