The Apocalypse Syndrome: The Awakening

By L.K. Samuels

An epic tale of a young man who uncovers his erased past while escaping from a dysfunctional and hate-filled society that has been infected by an unknown biological agent. During his odyssey, the hero discovers that not only is America doing poorly in its 30-year war in the Middle East, but that the Atlantic coast has been invaded by foreign armies.

For decades the inhabitants of a Central California town have lived with an obsessive-compulsive disorder that borders on criminal insanity. The condition is permanent except for a few outcasts who recently experienced the withdrawal symptoms of the “white-hand syndrome.” Harry Crane, the protagonist, is one of those.

After betrayal and imprisonment, Harry flees to the Monterey coast with a coterie of friends. They discover a cluster of egg-shaped canisters that house something the locals call “hate-gas.” Is society being controlled by this chemical agent? Was it planted by Muslim extremists? Harry has no time to ponder this: In hot pursuit is a large military force which he helps to defeat in a horrific battle.




The Apocalypse Syndrome: We Are Them

By L.K. Samuels

Something strange and sinister has befallen a small retirement community after a bright explosion in the night sky. A few residents notice minor attitude shifts in their neighbors, almost unnoticeable at first, nothing much out of the ordinary. But little problems begin to explode into major crises. Citizens began to demand more control over what they see as chaotic behavior — especially motorists who are free to drive anywhere at any hour for any reason. In reaction, City Hall establishes a department to help inefficient drivers, but soon it becomes an obsession; escalating with roadblocks, armed guards and secret police. Each new ordnance becomes harsher and every new penalty stiffer as the once peaceful city transforms into an armed camp. One mild-mannered city worker with a collection of oddball friends organizes a daring escape — but is it too late?



Ferret: The Reluctant King

By L.K. Samuels

Can the powerful reject power? A boy king is born in British-occupied Ireland in the late 17th century. He is heir to the Irish throne of the Celtic High Kings from before the Roman Republic. But Ferret O’Neil has been taught by his schoolmaster, a former backer of Lord Cromwell, that all rulership is evil.

Washing his hands of royalty, Ferret is accidently thrust into the limelight when he single-handedly destroys an English Man-of-War. Barely out of his teens, he is elected captain of a 500-ton merchantman, and flees with other colonists to the Netherlands.

Ferret becomes second in command of a Dutch-Irish community that builds a fleet of ships. Eventually, they sail to the New World where they establish an independent Irish nation, free from European influences.

But the old world dogs the new. During the voyage, Ferret fights his cousin’s attempted mutiny. After reaching land, the British threaten to invade New Eire. Spanish military leaders plot to undermine Ferret’s authority. Savages from the Yamassees tribe attack English settlements across the Carolinas. The traitors who murder Ferret’s wife escape and plan revenge.

In order to cement an alliance with the Spanish in Florida, the Irish clergy demands that Ferret become king. Reluctantly Ferret accepts the crown and prepares his nation for war with the English, Indians and insurgents. He imprisons dissidents, constructs a fortress, assembles an army, and becomes the tyrant he had once opposed.

In the end, the English invade and destroy New Eire, and seek to erase its existence from history. Ferret escapes into the wilderness. Years later, he is captured. At his execution, he breaks free. He is about to kill himself to cheat British injustice when an opportunity arises to salvage his dreams of freedom.



The Last Taken

By L.K. Samuels

A scientist, abducted to the other side of the galaxy, returns to earth after 30 years and discovers he was given unwanted, forbidden and often uncontrollable powers.

Prof. Jade Faraday moves to the high desert of the Eastern Sierra with his cranky Russian wife and alien-born daughter. He attempts to remain anonymous in an effort to avoid contact with the authorities. Despite his best efforts, his old miner’s shack is attacked by a SWAT team of IRS agents eager to arrest Faraday for failure to pay back taxes. But the professor has something up his sleeve. Reluctantly, he summons up his powers and throws a force field around himself, stopping a hail of bullets. His family is not as fortunate.

After butting heads with a high-handed IRS official in Sacramento, Faraday wanders eastward without friends, money or a clear sense of purpose. After being demonized in the press, Faraday is inundated by throngs of sympathetic people who begin to follow him as if he were Moses leading them to the Promised Land. Within months he reaches Washington DC with almost a million zealous followers who demand changes. Faraday must calm his followers while wrestling with the double-dealing backstabbers of a government panicking over whether the protestors will turn violent and overthrow the existing political regime.




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